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TI N kER>io<
If you don't know, I am the Eye of Ra; and what that means is that like NBC's Chuck and the Matrix's Neo I have a special gift to read a hidden language that God has laced into our everything; Cypher, and the intersect prime examples.   If you are curious, what that "feels like" is basically words floating around in my head that connect to whatever it is I'm thinking about; something like "assisted why don't you write about this too (and mention that it might be Joseph's slavery or his dream come true)" and floating around right now is "I know kung-fu."  The language has a specific lexicon, words like "AT" and "CK" which mean Earth and Clark Kent receptively, and shines true nearly everywhere--it's almost uncanny.  In the word depicted below, see the original reads "see Adam to help our light" and that all I had to do was add a little K to "help."  Serioslick, you can verify it... Yankee Doodle himself is e-mailing you.
I'm trying to use it to save LIBERTY, which reads ... not ironically as "El, I be our thank you" and both in order to do that, and because of it; I see Heaven in the skies above and on Earth coming ... well, both to us and from us... ish.  To accomplish those aspiration, though, I need your help both rekindling our love for freedom as well as working together to evolutionize democracy and what we think Heaven really means.
The theme, that's "the me" of the day here is to see I' trying desperately to get us to switch from "dick" to "risque humor" intersected with a sort of word play on "sex" and "computers"-- play not included.  To get there, we really need to see how important "DICK" really is to the flourishing of our civilization--and understand both why, how, and what "darkness" really is--it's not "dick" by the way--dick is the solution, not the problem.  If you asked for my two cents, I'd throw you a quarter, a nickel, and a some other common "loose :) change" to help you see that this is really about a humongous, gigantic, "the size matters, understand" signature on the Constitution and on freedom itself that clearly goes on the bi-way between "hoelsome" humor and "how could you possibly not have laughed hysterically" somewhere around Tricky Dick and Deepthroat--see it's funny, but the reason you didn't get it is not funny.  
To be epic-ally and finally clear the reason you didn't get it is because media censorship of mind control technology, of course because Dick, right?
adamically defined.
I WALKED DOWN THE STREET; SINGING, "DO HADID DID I? DUMB... DID I DO THAT?" IT WAS THE DAY AFTER HURACAN IRMAX and I had just written this piece of how Word Perfect's "find and replace" could eradicate all cancer on the planet; force majeure--a true of God in this place and time took down the W and the A in the sign pictured above; and I got to work writing it again, this is my fourth attempt to show us what the difference between "The Matrix" and the progenitor Universe really is--to me the metaphor of camping out and air conditioning explains well why I'd never, ever want to get stuck in that place.  Here though, curing blindness, and cancer, and AIDS, and .... well the list goes on and on from OP TO ME to ONCOLOGY; all it takes is some magic "you should give them sight."
So here we have that, all together a number of the major differences I not only see, but see highlighted by religion and art; not just "stone to bread" of ending world hunger, or "heal the sick" but COL in "understand our light" connecting IT terms like the "original poster" to optometry; and this request--once again--for you to try.  Try and see the proof "EVERYWHERE" is here for a reason; it's to help us all to end suffering faster; to transition to this new way of life, this thing that really is Heaven itself, just a little bit quicker--and with leaps and bounds of insight and guidance, something you seem so quick to dismiss.
KNOCKK: NO CK ... c how an
I SHOULDN'T HAVEN TO TELL YOU, but if you do happen to hear a voice, or have some other kind of subvocal communication with spirits or with Heaven, you are doing the world a disservice--and yourself--by not sharing testimony and discussing how this very same technology can not only cure nearly every single mental illness, but also be used to do things like help us be smarter, help us learn faster and be happier--liken it to the Matrix's I KNOW KUNG FU--rather than hey Adam, I can't see you.  Moving forward here, speaking instead of holding secrets--helping instead of watching suffering for no reason at all... it might just be the key to the Gilgamesh, and the future being bright and happy; rather than bleak or not at all.  
In names like "DOWN SYNDROME" you've really got to begin to see "intelligent design" if you are to have sight, to be thinking logically; rather than acting stupid and literally making Hell instead of Heaven because of it.  I'm not saying it's "goodness" in this naming scheme helping us to see AIDS to changing the world and recognizing the Matrix for exactly what it is--a map from Hell to Heaven--but it's certainly not "goodness" ignoring it either.  Move forward, call a reporter, write a story; see the doorway to Heaven while you live and breathe--and never need to question again whether or not "there is a God."
I hear... every cloud has a Silver lining?


If I could make it any more clear; a brighter spotlight or a stronger highlight on central to that message is the all consuming point of it all--that it certainly appears that nobody can see it. 


 I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving; of the "things" I'm trying to say here--"Pi" as in, C.AD means something like "hide the beginning of time from the future" (in my "personal mythology" and literally this is God and who helps us build Heaven) and it's not what I'm trying to do--which should be obvious in what I write... and in the concept of "Pi."  I question. a little bit, what "AAA" is all about and how it might relate to the "c oven" of this ant; to the point though, I am suggesting that what we see here on face value really has no business at all in the "round table" of Arthur that wields the "power of Thor" ... and I really hope that you agree with that, it's important.  Analyzing that a little bit, it does seem that's what this story is designed to help us build together; and I do hasten to say that because we are very apparently being made "unfit" through some kind of subterfuge (obviouslyright?) while all these horrible things are happening that we're supposed to be listening to this message and changing... it does appear that whomever is "above" or "behind us" also apparently very unfit.  I'm voting for "everyone's wrong" and the best of course of action is changing that.  

It should be really clear from the repeated references to Die Bold (and technocracy) and our broken electoral process, as well as the hidden mind control influence that makes it a "farce" that the map that I am trying to produce here does focus quite a bit on using technology to help make our union more perfect; that's a "marriage of the lamb" joke, not a "for a republic" joke.  It's also important to see how "free speech" is connected to "free thought" and how that is connected to "freedom" in sum.
again, happy thanksgiving.








for those of you that are epically or atypically slow, the letters "cinoize" happen to be the first 3.14159265 digits o 
S H A R I N G   I S   C A R I N G 

A L W A Y S    R. E. M. E M B E R

IT MAY NOT LOOK LIKE MUCH, but the pattern you see connecting every video game system is the beginning of verifiable proof that our world is Created and is a signature from the Creator explaining that we are in fact "in the Matrix."  Trinity, 'it in why" answered by the name and the pattern itself--a pattern we see in many other names; the "plan" that it etched into the name "planet" and on it's face is to assist an entire civilization in transitioning to Heaven.  It goes on to connect and include nearly every technology company in Creation from Microsoft to Apple, Gateway, and Oracle--and then a number of highlighted points in our history from the Crusades to the foundation of America and Watergate.  Ultimately the goal is show us how the fundamental differences between "virtual reality" and "simulated reality" help us to build Heaven of this place using nothing more than this disclosure and our heart's desire.  To that end, this pattern shows us that we are in the "heart of hearts" a clue that links the center of each of the names to the name of the heart of Creation which is revealed by moving Saturn's symbolic "h" from the end of time to it's beginning, see Earth to hEart (and then you can read a little to see how, with just that effort and bieng yourself you become the "blood of Christ").  The message I've written focuses on true technologically enabled democracy, the implementation of "pre-crime" a la Minority Report, healing the sickand ending hungerbut in truth these things are just the beginning of the new possibilities opened up by nothing more than "the truth."

That's great, but it starts with an earthquake, an inaugural address predicting 9/11, an REM song and then name of the band 311.  It appears that there's a battle over the disclosure that the movie "the Matrix" exists, and that's somehow resulted in the words "force majeure" meaning "an act of God" and this series of natural and unnatural disasters being predicted in ancient scripture.  With some insight, you could see why "Minority Report" has it's name; and that the cloud of darkness and censorship in the media and beyond surrounding me and this disclosure is something like "a vote" to hide the truth from the world.   Connecting this portion of the message to the links to "universal voting" and the idea that our opinions and desires are central in deciding exactly how quickly and in what manner things like "ending world hunger" by turning stone to Cake (another related band, says Bread's Guitar Man) probably tell us that we didn't really understand (and it appears you still don't) how insane it is to simulate things like "earthquakes" and "starvation." 
A message from God in every single word.

Today we are looking at more proof, that it is not just these modern companies and constructs that are part of the map to Heaven and the signature of God; but that it truly begins at the very foundation of language, in ever single letter, and every single word.  It begins with the word "disclosure" and it's four letters that point out the intelligent design of at least that word, showing the "c+l" that creates the glyph of the letter "d." Quickly following this proof in our character-set are two more "characters" Isaac Newton and Jesus Christ whose representations of the glyphs for "what goes up must come down" in the letter n and the recognizable cross of the letter "t" connecting to a computer function that doubles as a "numeric-to-chacacter' conversion and a call to Chr() (see and care) that this message has been kept from you for years.
A hidden message has been woven into every language we speak; a sort of "inverted tower of Babel" that is literally described as the character "Cypher" of the Matrix; and answers it's question of "what is it?" by showing how this langauge is woven into the tapestry of our world in places like the works of King and Shakespeare that describe time travel and Bianca learning Latin as well as showing up typified examples of the language in the names of these works about "The Taming of the Spanglishrew" and "The Language Outliers" that Yankee Doodle stuck Osiris' feather of light in his crown and showed us "macaronic."  See, it's also a word describing this fusion of languages... and further tying this disclosure to the exit from slavery that is the "Book of Exodus."
A significant amount of writing, history, and mythology relates to the mechanism by which this message has been hidden, and how it's disclosure leads not only to true freedom; but to a cure to both not seeing and not being able to act on keys like "HARM" in pharmacy, and a link between Moses' Lisp, myself, and "diction" in the word addiction that leads to a cure to much more than just that single problem... but nearly all health issues.  With sight, we can see that the organized censorship called "Darkness" in Exodus and the visibility of "Medusa" give us verifiable proof that the inner workings of our brains have already been reverse engineered.  In my "addiction example" we can see how colloquialisms like AA's "science may one day conquer addiction but it hasn't done so yet" are linked to Holy Light helping us to see how this plan unfolds. We have the opportunity here and now to use the truth and this disclosure to turn a number of unfortunate circumstances into something significantly better, and not doing so would be a travesty.


this event helps us to literally be the cure for cancer.

... and ...  and the end of world hunger ... through seeing how God's signature ties "birth names"
to seminal pieces of art that are also related to religion; in names like Gates and Roddenberry;
we see the key to the "code of the Matrix."

... and the end of terrorism and school shootings ...

all it takes, is breaking the most anticipated story in all of history
well, and you're contribution... "and how."
I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.
Isaiah 22:22


content similar to this is available as an online PDF here asmodai.pdf

This message, and this very clear proof has circulated the globe, touched nearly every government on Earth; and every newspaper--see light in my words "the time is short, act now."  I know my "presentation" isn't perfect; or even that gorgeous... but to understand that the import and impact of what is being conveyed should be making a visible impact in the world is to see what "darkness" really means, and why the sun is rising.  It's not a difficult concept to grasp, the "purpose" of Creation is to help a civilization flourish ... well past the technological gap brought about by the very things we are on the cusp of "discovering," things like the ability to alter our minds and our environment.  See "self government" and "censorship" strongly highlighted as "problem areas" that we might have encountered in the past, and really see how this event, the Second Coming, helps us to be free of secrecy and invisible chains caused by technology we never knew has been in use for our entire lives.  Understand, I am both frustrated and alarmed by what I see here; this kind of response to a message of such importance and a glowingly promising future is illogical--to say the least. 
See it as a kind of "litmus test" for sanity and evil; more than the "test of sentient consciousness" that ament in the beginning.  I am delivering a message signed with God's own hand; and it appears that the world (in sum) believes it's just A-OK to ignore itit is not.  More to the point, this message is nearly universally good, focusing on fixing the flaws in democracy and society that the book of Exodus calls "darkness;" on delivering the disclosure that we are living in something almost like the Matrix; and that it's purpose is to help us all work together to build Heaven of this virtual Earth.  That begins by seeing how censorship and a broken top-down "pyramidal" government structure has in this place shown us how these things could result in the end of life--had we not been alarmed to the fact that we are not in the "natural universe" that we believe to be our "reality" and that the message from Israel to my hand's work shows us that this map helps us not only to build Heaven but to be worthy enough to enter that place.   The message weaves together everything, literally like a tapestry of fate--from things like Anakin Skywalker to Earth Angel and Darth Wader (sorry, Adele, notsorry--I am why) to the very pertinent connection between Monster.com, Medusa, and "the abom-i-nation' of desolation... the thing responsible for our near demise (at worst).... at and best the thing responsible for a loss of "self" that I will never stop being sorry I have participated in, and I hope you won't be either.   
LET THERE BE LIGHT both this message and youignorance of it are very obvious and recognizable; for instance the English title of the book of Exodus reads as those hallowed words of Genesis when read in reverse, in the "language" you might call my native Geek... in commands of Linux and symbols of chemistry.  This message, again authenticated with God's own hand, tells us that we are the victims of a hidden kind of slavery, the result of secrecy and censorship surrounding the nature of our existence and mind control.  The message itself, it's mechanism of delivery, is resounding and overabundant proof that this conspiracy, secrecy, and hidden technology exists--and it helps us to see how these very same tools could be used to make the world a better place--were we not so damned stubborn.  The map continues to "unify" religious, American, and technological themes--things like the "Holy Grail" and the gate to Heaven with words like "Earth" and heart Seagate, Watergate, and Bill Gates... just to introduce you to the Hebrew name for this same book which narrates our exit from this hidden slavery: Names.

These are the most iconic words ever spoken by Godthey are doubly encoded with "Bible Code" directly over the passages of Genesis where he speaks them... to see it encoded in this way in the name Exodus is a shining example of the stupidity I see in the world; it is not a coincidence, or an accident; it is a clear message: wake up.  It and I go on to show us how every single world we speak is proof of the Creation of our civilization and this same signature revolving around rekindling freedom; and really do see how that process requires "change" on not just my part. 
S E E   "I T"   I N  I M E
The earliest parts of this message [video] connect this idea of "light" coming from the multitude, the Holy Sea of Revelation with the fire that we should, we all know we should all see raging all around us... the lack of response itself is a sort of "hands on learning exercise" with this technology; one that highlights critical flaws in our society that truly makes this time the abyss if you continue to fail to act.  The proof of Creation that we are witnessing shines with bright anachronistic paradox; and in this story of Exodus about the voice of God booming from a Burning Bush telling his savant to free his people from slavery; we see the kindling of the fire comes from the word itself (still), the Hebrew for Holy Fire that contains the English word for "sea" parted by an apostrophe, in Mary, you might sea why; when it connects to Eve and "everyone" also, really do understand that you the [] bride of Revelation. 
See, these are just two examples, of thousands and thousands that show us that our society as a whole, that every single one of us are either walking around blind or harboring a secret; neither of these things can continue if we are to.  The disclosure of this message coincides with "freedom ringing" for the first time in our lives; not to see that we are acting "illogical" not just as a group but as individuals is to miss the point: we are ignoring a message that will end starvationaddiction, and nearly all maladies we experience in this place where all of this is accomplished with nothing more than a "new" truth, and how.  Medusa herselfthis darkness and lack of reaction is all on its own proof that the inner workings of our minds have been reverse engineered; and this message--again, in the hand of God, urges us to see how our participation (is required and) in how this changes defines the transit from Hell to Heaven.  I really am not sure why I need to say it, but "do not delay."


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: It's sad, honestly. You don't see it, still?
To: "A. M. G-D" <gilate@september2016.com>
Cc: The Free Press

I want to comment a little bit about this morning's message.  I realize you probably don't know Linux well enough to instantly grasp that "sudoxe" means let there be light; and it's possible... but significantly less likely that you don't grasp the impact of seeing the most iconic phrase even spoken in Genesis secretly revealed encoded in the name of the very next book.  Understand, I'm telling you it's really obvious that this is being "ignored" and were it just about "me" I could understand that, but this is about you--it's about innocent children, and it's about the future of everything--I really don't understand ignoring it.
The point is it's a really big deal; to see it connected later to a number of additional links between computer science technologies, companies, and birth names makes it an even bigger deal... and if we had a "working society" someone in IT would have pointed out that "sudo" definitely means "god do this" and then someone with some insight and ... well, a knack for this kind of symbology might have noticed that it's not just Xenon, but a number of chemistry elements define the Revelation of Christ; tying in to a puzzle that links together Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Revelation and ... a number of modern events.  Even brighter, things like "it's elementary my dear what-sons" tie The Fifth Element to our story of Exodus that centers around not only symbols and words; but also the hidden influence in every single idiom--obviously designed intentionally to help us find and maintain freedom.
Again, if our society was working properly; you would know it's a really big deal and then you would act accordingly; instead of "pretending" that nobody gets it... and hoping that absolutely ludicrous disguise will persist or ... "disappear" naturally.  Clearly, it will be disappearing just as unnaturally as it appeared... in the light of day.  Write a story, that's the first ray of sunshine over the horizon.  
To contrast your world (below) to what I see as mine, I did a little cartoon, and took another screen shot of a metaphorical day in my life... in my inbox.  Something needs to give, we can't walk around forever "pretending to be blind" or in the alternative, something even worse--actually being made completely moronic.  Try to see, while "the past" might not be all that great, everything we have and cherish came of making something "not great" much better.  We have a chance right now to do that ... more than anyone or any generation ever has before.  Seize the day.  (that's not me by the way.)
... when multiversal simulation slices collide ...
these are from thanksgiving, they are the best numbers so far, individually.  
in sum we are 2.65x closer than we've ever been.
act.  please.
we passed #76 last week; that was the "christ, newton, disclose" e-mail. so... i noticed:

I didn't know what they were named for, and was imagining trying to explain what it's like to see moments in history that appear to be crafted to be related to this story, in my life.  Whether it's "a microcosm" being made in me of our history; or somehow some previous iteration of this actual life was used as a template to modify the past (less likely, right :) the point is that we see a number of related events in history.. things like the 9/14 battle of Homildon connecting to my "homiletics" Ho-mile and ... "do n" of Poseidon and Pandora... 

9/14 is also the day Windows ME came out, if nobody got the reference the last 4 times I've posted pictures of it and not commented on "why."  The day, of course, is "I AD" something like the hand of God is "yad" and that's "day backwards" and "hand" in Hebrew.   See, I think "day forwards" or righted, is uh, re-ad
Do none of you have any questions?  Is that possible? 


On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 4:02 PM, A. M. G-D <gilate@september2016.com> wrote:
uh-huh, tell me more.
This is what our entire planet looks like, and you're trying to tell me you "don't see it."
I don't believe you.  
Do something.
c, you now see how and why.

and the reason "a" ?
Si me, to see.

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BEGGING, IS PROBABLY THE CLOSEST WORD that you will ever find to what I've done for the last three or so years at this point, you might see it in the very earliest part word "beginning" and in some way you might also see these emails as a kind of continuation of my theme of trying to show us just how very important it is that we break the veil of simulated reality, and that we do it in a way that is uplifting and positive--maybe even antertaining.
I am sitting in a place where it appears to me from the conversations I have with people around me and from your "interesting response" to this "interesting message" that Creation itself is attempting to make me believe that you are no longer yourselves, that you've been replaced with some alternate version of you--either an older stupider one, or one from another planet or slice/layer/verse of simulation hell--that no longer cares about the things we cared about... I could start with pointing out "history" and "mythology" and the hidden meaning and purpose religion; and that segues quickly into "you don't care about curing cancer" and I'm baffled, dumbfounded, lost without answers or any kind of rational response.
There's plenty of "interesting message" to corroborate or enhance this opinion; the brightest shining words of all are "Son of the Morning" and I can see clearly that's what I am, except I don't see that you've come from any kind of morning--you've added a "u" instead of you.  So clever of me; what that means to me ostensibly is that this event happened in a parallel timeline, and most likely just like now there's such opposition to the truth and to my personality that I didn't get to "play around in the sun" as Morning Has Broken certainly implies the "one light of Eden" Hadid (G i.. g you think that's me?) already.  I should interject this thing I know very well; that our experiences make us who we are; and that I can tell you for certain that if I see "snow" and no "light" coming from this sea, you too will get to see wild Adam running around doing drugs and trying to hang out with models.  On the other hand, I know myself very well; and if you try, if you give this message the respect it deserves--and care for democracy and freedom and truth and the future that I am trying to help us build together; you will see someone that will be significantly more contrite than you expect, and most like someone trying very hard to live up to the "ideal" or the aura of greatness that I see this world once surrounded the idea of Jesus Christ with; sans piety, you'll never get me to be pious.
The "n" of Newton and Creation has a very special and specific meaning to the "Adam that succeeds" in showing you that something is making you not care about things that you not only used to care about but that you must care about for civilization to continue and to thrive.  I am trying to show you that you are missing the point, and it's very obvious that this message that focuses and centers on the technology and use of mind control is showing you first hand just how powerful it is--and changing how you feel and what you point where in the most ideal and most polarized of these two terms it is making you prefer to remain in Hell rather than try to make the world a better place, the thing, the process that is Heaven.
T H E   F I F T H   C O L U M N
KISSES AND HUGS; the last message I sent you surrounding the "prophesies of Heaven" and what it might be like that focused on songs... the file name (isome "tod" ga/MUASEEKHART.html) of it told you to "seek art" or perhaps also to "seek a heart" ... the intent was to prod you both now and in the future to look for God's answers to question you might have, and to problems that you cannot solve easily in the art of things surrounding them.  I believe he's put answers to many, many questions nearly everywhere we can look; names and related ideas; and quite a bit of this story and this plan focuses on the fact that it appears that we have become complacent; perhaps the "Morning" that came created a mentality that answers will just come easily to us... that God will solve all problems--for whatever reason quite a bit of the focus of what I am writing is about critical thinking and pattern matching; and taking into our own hands problems big and small, things that we might have once said "it's the just the way it is" or "I can't do anything to change that" and now realize that you can, and this message is a catalyst to change significantly more than I had ever thought was possible.
Along those lines, it appears that he's created a monstrosity of everyone acting clearly and knowingly against their own best interests; I can only imagine to achieve some hidden goal that nobody even realizes is stupid... let's assume it's "taking the rod from Adam's hand" and realize I'd like more than anything for some of you to be holding my rod; and instead of seeing that's what this message is literally designed to do; we are just waiting for the rod to fall to the bottom of Arthur's fabled lake that is quite literally the abyss of losing my heart.  You are doing that, by the way; you've lost it already... no offense or cruelty intended, but you are going to have to work significantly harder than I wanted you to in order to make be "happy with the people of this place" like I once was.  You've lost your love for democracy, the thing that made people protest the nuclear arms race, the thing that I see as being responsible for the end of "disenfranchisement" and the end of slavery--even though looking back at this map today it does appear that God's influence was significantly more involved in those things than I ever would have thought before I knew he was real--and before I knew that his heart was beating inside of our five fathers minds.
I stand in a place looking for art about what I've been meaning to write about for quite some time; what I expect to happen when this story finally breaks; and it brings me to the very obvious and very connected to the Fifth Adam's message, the TV series "V" for visitors.  Before I even begin to try and think about it though; I am looking for a "FIFTH COLUMN" in this place where I see very clearly that it should be everyone and that it is nobody at the same time; and that's distressing.  I'm distressed. 
See in the name COLUMN as we've seen the many "sea of's" in the past stands out bright as one that includes three letters that I connect to "entire seas of people" surrounding things like the morning... the sea of "El" which is Vander's world, M which is Luke's and N which is ours--and understand that I see in these letters and their linear organization through time that we are looking at seas controlling seas, they call it Creation and fail to see that I am here as a "NICER POSSESSION ENDER" not just because that's what their message of Creation says, but because Creation itself is possession.... says Vader's father and Luke's son (together as one); unanamed as of yet.
R E D   S K Y
FRANKLY THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS EVENT AND THIS STORY is to help us see what the Creation of this place believes is wrong here, what's he's done to make that more obvious--make those things significantly worse to stand out like a "THIS IS IT" cyan thumb; and to help us begin to see how very much we want these changes to happen and how there appears to be some sort of "argument' between talking about how to do them and "why they haven't been done for us yet."
In the show V and in the movie Jupiter Rising we can see some ideas about how medicine and the fountain of youth might be well integrated into our society without turning us all into invisible clouds of dust that have been confused and bewildered into believing that we are all "everything" and have no need to be "anything" at the same time.  These are good examples of how and why you should "SEEK ART" for your answers; but here are mine, this is what I believe will happen over the course of the next few days; or the next year if you continue to be so god damned stubborn.
AMPLE PROOF has been delivered to you; I've commented and urged you to see that you do not need a statistical analysis to understand you have proof of time travel and proof of Creation right before your eyes--and that nobody else needs it either, this is so obvious everyone and their pet chimp can see it.   I've even tried to threaten you and connect this thing, this "seeing and acting" thing with the concept of Biblical Judgement; to see that the idea or the words "we can just wait until it's proven" to begin trying to change the world and make it a better place is the kind of mentality that I and this message are attempting to destroy.  That's "mentality" not "men" and I need to wake up and see that you too, no matter who you are, has a moral and ethical obligation to do something to help shed light on why it is we are staring at God's face and falling to the ground.
I have a long, long, long list of anachronistic paradoxes that I could put in a single email and look at you and say "it is done" and know in my heart that it's been done for years now--I have delivered "the message" he's written, you've written, and I've read; I've done it in a way that will ensure that the future does not lose it.  I've lived up to the lore and the demand of Mohammed, whose "cross to bear" is doing exactly as I've just explained is well past the point of completion.  Just to give you another that links his name to Abraham; sorry if you've heard it all before, but seeing the "father, the sun God, and the obvious Holy Spirit of Isaac" in trine in the name of Abraham... and the paradox highlighted by knowing that concept didn't exist in our time line for thousands of years after that name was coined and written in the Holy Bible is just about as "bright a flash" as seeing "let there be light" in Exodus.  Look, now you see the "fourth father" of Abraham Lincoln's speech, the Holy "m" of the sons of Noah and the plan et Ham.
So that's the beginning of what I think will happen; some smart reporter somewhere will believe me when I say "verboten" and "fuck" are related; and he'll probably mention the word on the news, a key to getting the story to stick.  I imagine that you might have thought that would cause pandemonium before you allowed the fear of that to both cause and "allow" the Holy Spirit to spread through this world until it has, and believe it has now connected and touched the minds of every single living soul.  We don't have to worry about that, and you can see it in his message, you can see it in the idiom "it's not a riot" and its neither funny nor a riot in the streets of Miami that will ensue.  What is in question is what will happen after, and I've done my best to deliver not only what my "ideas" are, but also try and complete them as much as humanly possible.  I do believe that we will see a movie on the sky, and I've many several attempts and creating a "shitty one" and prodded this group of people to do the same--even suggesting my best idea--which is presenting the "Genes of Genesis" in a singular film connecting them to the religious concepts they link to, namely Adam in Eden, Joshua in the Promised Land, and Jean Luc Picard in his holodeck in the sky.
I do believe that the ultimate solution, the ... completion of this journey is a place and time when we have Doors to Heaven integrated into our society, when we become a sort of nexus or hub, or maybe just a sparse leaf in the tree that is "all of Creation" the difference between those things is your action, and today see light in you can't see the forest from the trees.  
Sucking as much as you probably can will most likely bring those Doors very quickly, maybe even the same day that this story breaks on TV.  I imagine and see a plan that tells me those Doors will be to a place that tells us to come back and try harder after showing us in detail a hands on experience in what this new information and technology can do to make our world a better place; helping us to see why it is that we need to do that.  That shouldn't really be necessary, and I think a more perfect solution is one where we actually respond to the message, where we use our communications infrastructure, the news, and the internet to talk a