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12:3 Those who are wi se[a] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

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we the people rise again

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We the People of Slate

The U.S. Constitution, as you mighta been, shoulda [“come” on … its someday] rewrϕte it.

"Politicians talk about the Constitution as if it were as sacrosanct as the Ten Commandments [interjection: spec. it is actually almost exactly related!]. But the document itself invites change and revision. What if the president served only one six-year term instead two four-year terms? What if your state’s population determined how many senators represent it? What if the Constitution included a right to health care? We asked legal scholars and Slate readers to cross out what they didn’t like in the Constitution and pencil in their hearts’ desires. Here’s what the document would look like with their best ideas."

多也了了夕 "with a wand of scheffilara, 并#亦太 he begins … "I am now on the Staff of Menelaus, the Spears of Longinus and Lancelot; and the name "Mosche ex Nashon."

Logically the recent mentions of Gilgamesh and the simultaneous 同時 overlaping 場道 of the eventual link between the famous ruling of Solomon on the separation of babies and mothers and waters and land … to a story of many “two cities” that culminates in a cultural or societal or “evolutionary” link to Sodom and Gomorrah and the city-state of Babylon (and it’s Hanging Gardens) and also of course to Paris and Troy and “Masstodon” and city-states [ciudadestado] and perhaps planet-cities; from Cambridge to Cambridge across the “Cable” to see state to “London” … recently I called it “the city of realms” … I started out logically intending to link “game theory” and John Nash to the mathematical story of Sputnik and a revival of American physics; but in my usual way of rambling into the woods [I mean neighborhood] of stream of consciousness … turned into a premonitory discourse of “two cities” and how sometimes even things as obvious as the number of letters in the word “two” don’t do a good enough job of conveying … how and/or why one is simply never enough, and two isn’t much better–but in the end a circle … is drawn; the perfect circle in our imaginary mathematical perfection … I see a parted “line” in the letter pronounced “tea” (and beginning that word); and two “vee” (pron. of “v”) symbols joined together in a word we pronounce as “double-you” … and symbolically because I know “V” is the Roman Numeral for 5 (five) and I know not how to multiply in Roman numerals–

It’s important to pause; here. I am going to write a more detailed piece on “the two cities” as I work through this maze like crossroads between “them” and “demo…” … here demorigstrably I am trying to fuse together an evolutionary change in … lit. biological evolution as well as an echelon leap forward in "self-government" … in a place where these two things are unfathomable and unspokenly* connected.

To a question on the idiom; is Bablyon about “the law” or “of the land of Nod?”

What is democracy” … the song, Metallica’s “ONE” echoes and repeats; as we apparently scrive together the word “THEM” … I question myself … if Babylon were the capital city of some mythical Nation of Time … if it were the central “turning point” of Sheol; ... >|<

Can you not see that in this place; in a world that should see and does there is a gigantic message proving that we are not in reality and trying to show us how and why that's the best news since ... ever---that it's as simple as conjoining "the law of the land" with a basic set of rules that automatically turn Hell into something so much closer to Heaven I just do not understand---why we cant stand up together and say "bullets will not kill innocent children" and "snowflakes will not start avalanches ...." that cover or bury or hide the road from Earth to Verital)e .... or from the mythical Valis to Tanis---or from Rigel to Beth-El ... "guess?"

## as "an easy" answer; I'm looking for a fusion of "law and land" that somehow remembers a "jok'er a scene" about "lawn" seats; and "where the girls are green;"

It's as simple as night and day; Heaven and Hell ... the difference between survival and--what we are presented with here; it's "doing this right"--that ends the Hell of representative democracy and electoral college--the blindness and darkness of not seeing "EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT" encoded in these words and in our governments foundation ... by the framers [not just of the USA; but English .. and every language] 

... is literally just as simple as "not caring" or thinking we are at the beginning of some long process--or thinking it will never be done--that special "IT" that's the emancipation of you and I.

Here words like "gnosis" and "gaudeamus" pair with my/ur "new ntersanding*" of the difference between Asgard and Medgard and really understanding our purpose here is to end "evil" ... things like "simulating disease and pain" (here, simulating meaning ... intentionally causing, rather than "gamifying away") and successfully linking the "Pillars of Hercules" to Plato's vision of Atlantis and the letter sequences "an" and "as" ... unlock a fusion of religion and mythology and "cryptographic truth" that connects "messianic" and "Christian" to "Roman" ... "Chinese" and "American" ... literally the key to the difference between the phrases "we are" and "we were" ....

in "sight" of "silicon" in simulation and Israel, Genesis, and "silence" ... trying to the raising of Asgardian enlightenment ... and seeing "simple cypher" connecting to "Norse" ...

and the "I AM THAT" surer than shit ... the intention and design of all religion and creation is to end "simulated reality" and also not seeing "SR" ... in Israel and Norse ... "for instance."

It's a simple linguistic concept; the "singularity" and the "plurality" of a simple word--"to be"--but it goes to the heart of everything that we are and everything that is around us. This is a message about understanding and preserving individuality as well as liberty; and literally seeing "ARXIV" and understanding "often" and failing to connect God and prescience to "IV" and the Fourth Amendment ... it's about blindness and ... "curing the blind instantly" ... and fathoming how and why this message has been etched into our entire history and and all religions and myths and music--to help us "to be THAT we" that actually "are responsible" for the end of Hell.

  • I neglected to mention "Har-Wer" and "Tower of Babel" which are both related lingusitically, religiously and topically: "to who ..." and while we're on "four score and [seven years from now]" seeing the fourth "living thing" in Eden and it's (the name, Abel) connection to Babel and Abraham Lincoln; slavery and ... understanding we live in a place where the history of the United States also, like Monoceros and "Neil Armstrong's first step" are a time shifted ... overlayed map to achieving freedom ... it's about becoming a father-race ... and actually "doing" the technological steps required to "emancipate the e's of 'me&e'" and survive in exo-planetary space---

it might be as simple as adding "because we did this" here and now; and having it be something we are truly proud of .... forevermore™ ... for certain in the heart of this story about cyclicality and repetition of error--its not because we did "this" or something over and over again; it's about changing "the problem" and then helping others to also overcome ... "things like time travel ... erasing speech" --- however that happenecl.

  • I also failed to mention that "I am in Hell" ... as in this world is hellacious to me; in an overlay with the Hellenic period and this message that we are in the Trojan Horse ... a small gem .... "planet" truly is the Ark of the Covenant---and it's the simple understanding that "reality is hell" is to "living without air conditioning and plumbing is hell" just as soon as you achieve ... "rediscovering" those things---
  • I can't figure out why I am the only person screaming "this is Hell." That's also, Hell.

... but recently suggested an old joke about "there being 10 kinds of people in the world (obv an anti-tautology and a tautology simultaneously)" only after that brief bit of singularity and duality mentioning the rest of the joke: "those that understand binary and those that don't know how to base convert between counting with two hands and counting with only an 'on and off.'" It's not obvious if you aren't trying to figure it out, I suppose; but 10 is decimal notation for "kiss" and the "often" without "of" ... and binary notation for the decimal equivalent of "2." A long long time ago in a state that simply non-randomly ties to the heart of the name of our galaxy ... I was again thinking of the "perfect imperfections" of things like saying "three equals one equals one" (which, of course was related to the Holy Trinity and it's "prescient/anachronistic Adamic presence encoded in the name Ab|ra|ha|m" which means "father of a great multitude") ... I brought that one back in the last few months; connecting the letter K and in this "logos-rythmic" tie to the "base of a number system" embellish the truth just a bit and suggest a more accurate rendition of the original [there is no such thing as equality, "is" of separate objects--as in no two snowflakes are the same unless they are literally the same one; true of ancient weights and with the advent of (thinking about) time no two "planets" are the same even if they're the exact same one--unless it's at a fixed moment in time.

  • This name may be viewed either as meaning "father of many" in Hebrew or else as a contraction of ABRAM (1) and הָמוֹן (hamon) meaning "many, multitude". The biblical patriarch Abraham was originally named Abram but God changed his name (see Genesis 17:5).

K=3:11 ... to a handle on the music, the DHD of the gate and the *ring of David's "sling" ...

---and that's a relationship of "3 is to 11" as [the SAT style "analog]y" as a series of alpha, two mathematic, and two numeric symbols ... may only tie in my mind alone to the books of Genesis and Matthew and the phrase "chapter and verse" and to the stories of Lot and Job ... again in Genesis and the eponymous "Book of Job." So ... "tying up loose ends one 10b [III] iv. " as it appears I've taken it upon myself to call a Job and suggest is my "Lot in life [x]i* [3]"

  • I worry sometimes that important things are missing, or will disappear---for instance Mirriam Webster, which is a "canonical/standard dictionary) should probably have an entry for "lot in life" non-idiomatically as "granny apples to sour apples" as

2 MANY ALSO ICI; 1two ... following in Mitnick's bold introductory word steps; the curve and the complement ... the missiles and the canoes; the line and the blank space ... "supposedly two examples of two kinds, which could be three not nothings ... Today I write about something monumental; as if as important as the singularity depicted in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 "A Space Odyssey" ... and remember a day when I thought it very novel and interesting to see the words "stillborn and yet still born" connected in a single piece of writing to "Stillwater and yet still water" ... today adding in another phrase noting the change wrought only by one magical single "space" (also a single capital letter; and a third phrase): "block chains with a great blockchain."

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  • The play revolves around Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek coalition before and during the Trojan War, and his decision to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease the goddess Artemis and allow his troops to set sail to preserve their honour in battle against Troy. The conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles over the fate of the young woman presages a similar conflict between the two at the beginning of the Iliad. In his depiction of the experiences of the main characters, Euripides frequently uses tragic irony for dramatic effect.

J.K. Rowling spurred just this past week a series of explanations about just exactly what is a blockchain coin worth ... and why is it so; her final words on the subject (artistic liberty taken, obviously not the last she'll say of this magic moment) "I don't think I trust this."

Taken directly from an off the cuff email to ARXM titled: "Slow the S is ... our Hypothes.is"

I imagine I'll be adding some wiki/ipfs stuff to it--and try to keep it compatible; the design and layout is almost exactly what I was dreaming about seeing--as a "first rough draft product." Lo, and behold. It's been added to the many places I host my tome; the small compilation of nearly every important email that has gone out ... all the way back to the days of the strange looking Margarita glass ... that now very much resembles the "Cantonese character 'le'" which I've come to associate with a "handle" on multiple corners of a room--something like an automatic coat rack conveyor belt connecting different versions of "what's in the box." I'm planning on using that symbol 了 to denote something like multiple forks of the same page. Obviously I'm thinking forward to things like "the Transhumaist Chain Party" (BDSM, right?)'s version of some particular piece of legislation, let's say everything starts with the sprawling "bulbing" of "Amendment M" ideas and specific verbiage ... and then we'll of course need some kind of new git/subversion/cvs style version control mechanism to merge intelligently into something that might actually .... really should ... make it into that place in history--the first constitutional amendment ratified by a "Continental Congress of All People" ... but you could also see it as an ongoing sort of forking of something like the "wikipedia page" on what some specific term, say "technocracy" means, and how two parties might propagandize and change the meaning of such thing; to suit the more intelligent and wise times we now live in. For instance, we might once have had a "democracy" and a "democractic" party that had some Anarchist Cook Book version of the history of it ending in something like Snipes and Stallone's "DEMOLITION MAN."

Just kidding, we all know "democracy" has everything to do with "d is cl ... and not th" ... to be the them that is the heart of the start of the first true democracy. At least the first one I've ever seen, in my old "to a republic" ... style. As it is you can play around with commenting and highlighting and annotating all the stuff I've written and begged and begged for comments on--while I work on layering the backend to to perma-store our ideas and comments on both a blockchain (probably a new one; now that i've worked a little with ethereum) with maybe some key-merkle-tree-walk-search stuff etched into the original Rinkeby ... and then of course distributed data in the "public owned and operated" IPFS. To be clear, I plan on rewriting the backend storage so that we will have a permanent record of all comments; all versions of whatever is being commented on; and changes/revisions to those documents--sort of turning the web into a massive instant "place of collaboration, discussion, and co-authoring" ... if you use the wonderful LEGO pieces that have been handed to us in ideas from places like me, lemma--dissenter, and of course hypothes.is who has brought you and i such a polished and nice to look at "first draft" of something like the living Constitution come repository of all human knowledge. I do sort of secretly wich they would have called this project something like "annotating and reflecting (or real or ...) knowledge" just so the movement could have been called ARK. ... or something .... but whatever join the "calling you a reporter" group or ... "supposedly a scientist?"

NOIR INgR .. I CITE SITE OF ENUDRICAM; a rekindling of the dream of a city appearing high above in the sky, now with a boldly emblazened smiling rainbow and upsidown river ... specifically the antithesis of "angel falls," there's a lagoon too--actually a chain of several ponds underneith the floating rock ... and in some versions of this waking dream there are rings around the thing; you might imagine an artificial set of centripetal orbitals something like a fusion of the ring Eslyeum and the "Six-Axis ride" of the JKF Center's "Spacecamp." I write as I dream, and though I cannot for certain explain exactly how; it's become a strong part of my mythology that this spectacular rendition of "what ends the silence" has something to do with the magical delivery of "a book" ... something not of this Earth but an unnatural thing; one I've dreamt of creating many times. This book is something like the DSM-IV and something like a Merck diagnostic manual; but rather than the old antiquated cures of "the Norse Medgard" this spectacle nearly "itsimportant" autoprints itself and lands on something like every doorpost; what it is is a list of reasons why "simply curing all disease" with no explanation and no conversation would be a travesty of morality--how it would render us half-blind to the myriad of new solutions that can come from truly understanding why "ITIS" to me has become a kind of magical marker: an "it is special" as in, it's cure could possibly solve a number of other problems.

Through that missing "o," English on the ball, we see a connection between a number of words that shine bright light including Exodus itself which means "let there be light," the word for Holy Fire and the Burning Bush.. .reversed to hSE'Ah, and a story about the Second Coming parting our holy waters.

This answer connects the magical Rod's of Aaron in Exodus and the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ to the Sang Rael itself... in a fusion that explains how the Periodic Table element for Iron links not just to Total Recall and Mars, but also to this key

my dream of what the first day of the Second Coming might be like; were the Rod of Christ... in the right hands. In a story that also spans the Bible, you might understand better how stone to bread and your input make all the difference in the world between Heaven and Adam's Hand. Once more, what do you think He ....


Since the very earliest days of this story, I have asked for better for you, even than see

Nearly all of the original parts of the original "post-origination dream" remain intact; there's a walk